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UPDATE: HAS Rusbridger exposed thousands of GCHQ personnel?

UPDATE: Scroll down to see video of Rusbridger admitting that he gave the GCHQ files, unredacted, to Glenn Greenwald, files Glenn Greenwald did not already have. So that his claim to Parliament to have control of the files is false. … Continue reading

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Rusbridger admits shipping agents’ names – what now?

MPs today got Alan Rusbridger to admit a number of things he, and his paper had previously denied. Firstly, that he shipped the names of GCHQ agents abroad to newspapers and bloggers. Mr. Rusbridger was reminded that this was a … Continue reading

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The Guardian’s David Miranda is a Liar

  David Miranda is a liar. So is his husband Glenn Greenwald. Thanks to @jeremyduns, investigative blogger, for this spot. Let’s hope the Home Secretary’s lawyers, and Cressida Dick of the Metropolitan Police, are paying attention. In this Buzzfeed interview, … Continue reading

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Guardian/GCHQ names: A free press must have some balls

There was some traction today on the Guardian’s trafficking of GCHQ agents’ names abroad, because the Telegraph had the guts to challenge the cosy journalists’ club. Written by Tom Whitehead, the story printed all my facts from yesterday’s blog, … Continue reading

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Betrayed: how the Guardian muled the names of GCHQ personnel to American bloggers and papers

  The Guardian has lied to the British people. They HAVE passed to foreign papers and blogs the names and identities of GCHQ agents, having lied and stated they did not to avoid prosecution, and to dupe other papers, police … Continue reading

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My Top 50 UK Tweeters

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What the Independent tells us about the Guardian’s crimes

Julian Smith MP has filed a complaint to the Metropolitan Police about the Guardian and its potential breaches of the Terrorism Act 2000. Under the Act, it is a terrorist offence to communicate names, or any identifying material, of GCHQ … Continue reading

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What happened when the Guardian asked me for an interview

  You guys know the Guardian, right? The ones so fearlessly reporting on the personal sports teams, lives, sexuality and private conversations of British agents working at GCHQ? Editors Alan Rusbridger and Janine Gibson boldly do hand-picked Twitter questions where … Continue reading

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Vince Cable, Tim Loughton and why political loyalty matters

Today’s storms in the UK’s political tea-cups were from Vince Cable and Tim Loughton. Both share something in common; they are relentlessly disloyal to the government. OK, more than one thing; they both come across as embittered, losing the argument, … Continue reading

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Why the Government should ignore David Anderson

David Anderson QC, the “independent” reviewer of terror powers, was a guest with me on BBC Newsnight. He speaks first in this video. In advance of even speaking to the police, it is clear Anderson has made his mind up … Continue reading

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