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Asian Grooming Gangs – where are all the other men?

  In my Sun column yesterday I wrote in praise of Judge Peter Rook QC, a hero to women and children; a brave judge who ripped up the repellently low sentencing guidelines set by the Sentencing Council and threw them … Continue reading

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How Hillary Can Have the Last Laugh

If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, it’s going to be a case of Barack Who? Hillary Clinton joined Twitter yesterday in a moment of social media fabulosity that had me thinking @CoryBooker should watch his back. First, there was the … Continue reading

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The Campaign to Ban Rape Porn is Far Too Broadly Drawn

I have been campaigning, and will continue to do so, for the Sentencing Council and the law to reflect the severity of possessing and distributing child rape images. Women must also demand far tougher sentencing guidelines on rape and trafficking … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t UK law understand rape and child abuse?

Following my blog on child rape, and multiple gang rapes in brothels being labeled “prostitution”, and multiple rapes within the home being labelled “forced marriage”, I wanted to show why all of this matters in practice. It’s not just some … Continue reading

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My Top Ten Rock Memories: (Rock Icon Saturday June 1, Sky Arts, 8pm)

So tomorrow night on Sky Arts, 8pm, I’m coming out of the closet as a fully-fledged metal head. This shot is of me getting into a race car with Brian – one he’d reassuringly told me was called “The Widowmaker” … Continue reading

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Reality based feminism?

This blog was inspired by two of my favourite feminist opponents on Twitter, @pennyred (the journalist Laurie Penny of the New Statesman and the Guardian) and @jonanamary, the activist, who was so delighted by my comment about her that she … Continue reading

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Facebook Rape and Feminism in Action

  During Memorial Day weekend, the journalist Jane Merrick alerted me to something truly horrific. A website by women in media listing graphic depictions of violence against women on Facebook. Images so violent I can barely describe them. Images depicting … Continue reading

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“Feminism, plastic surgery” – Rock Icon and the Times “exclusive” (Sky Arts, 8pm, this Sat)

last week I gave an interview to the Times set up by Sky Arts to talk about Rock Icon, our show with Brian Johnson of AC/DC out this Saturday at 8pm. I remember telling the PR that I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

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Fit is a Feminist Issue

    This was no fun. Not meeting Lady Thatcher – that was one of the greatest honours I could imagine. But looking at myself in the photo afterwards; ; heavy, crumpled, tired, like I’d just given up. The title of … Continue reading

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What Men Want – Dress

So what do men want from how you dress? Of course this article comes with all the normal caveats; some men are different, some want tattoos and biker leathers, that’s all true. But what do most men want? I think … Continue reading

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