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UPDATE: 18 questions for the @Guardian

UPDATE: It would appear that – if Buzzfeed is right – an employee/s or agent/s of the New York Times and/or the Guardian knowingly and willingly smuggled life-endangering stolen intelligence across our borders: Now the Times or an agent for the paper, … Continue reading

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Prescott’s Oxford Class War (from the Lords)

My old sparring partner on Twitter, @JohnPrescott, is up in arms because @StephenNolan told him about a pupil from NI who was rejected by the University with seven Grade A* A-levels. The kid has now gone on to Stanford, many … Continue reading

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The Zimmerman trial: a guide for the UK Twitchfork mob

It was depressing, if not surprising, to see the UK’s twitchforking mob out for the blood of George Zimmerman, rightly acquitted under the law in his trial in Florida. The comments and questions made showed that tweeters had not bothered … Continue reading

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The Guardian/Observer and the Indonesian Farting God

Why so coy, Guardian and Observer Weakend? We all know you pulled your front page splash from the Observer on NSA snooping, after Twitter pointed out that your source, Wayne Madsen, was a grade A nut job. Today and last … Continue reading

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Assange turns Snowden into a traitor

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways. Truly, Julian Assange is one of the most awful people in the world. A rabid egomaniac with a contempt for women and for the lives of others, he is stinking … Continue reading

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Asian Grooming Gangs – where are all the other men?

  In my Sun column yesterday I wrote in praise of Judge Peter Rook QC, a hero to women and children; a brave judge who ripped up the repellently low sentencing guidelines set by the Sentencing Council and threw them … Continue reading

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How Hillary Can Have the Last Laugh

If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, it’s going to be a case of Barack Who? Hillary Clinton joined Twitter yesterday in a moment of social media fabulosity that had me thinking @CoryBooker should watch his back. First, there was the … Continue reading

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The Campaign to Ban Rape Porn is Far Too Broadly Drawn

I have been campaigning, and will continue to do so, for the Sentencing Council and the law to reflect the severity of possessing and distributing child rape images. Women must also demand far tougher sentencing guidelines on rape and trafficking … Continue reading

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Obama Must Pardon Edward Snowden

It is a sign of hope in the world that a brilliant African-American could be elected President of the United States and re-elected four years later. I am a Republican but I salute and admire President Obama. How can you … Continue reading

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Tune in tonight on Sky Arts at 8pm to see me presenting Rock Icon!

  Brian Johnson, Jimmy Page, Lars Ulrich – all flew in for Peter’s surprise 60th birthday party.  Hope you will watch Rock Icon tonight – exploring why \m/ metal has been so sneered at by the critics! I had stupid … Continue reading

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