Tune in tonight on Sky Arts at 8pm to see me presenting Rock Icon!



Brian Johnson, Jimmy Page, Lars Ulrich – all flew in for Peter’s surprise 60th birthday party. 

Hope you will watch Rock Icon tonight – exploring why \m/ metal has been so sneered at by the critics! I had stupid amounts of fun filming it.

Newslinks today – my post on secret Tory Metalheads for ConHome:


I’m told you can add Francis Maude to that list….

and my interview for the Sun with the great Brian Johnson about tonight’s show!


My Top Ten Rock Memories: (Rock Icon Saturday June 1, Sky Arts, 8pm)

brian car

So tomorrow night on Sky Arts, 8pm, I’m coming out of the closet as a fully-fledged metal head.

This shot is of me getting into a race car with Brian – one he’d reassuringly told me was called “The Widowmaker” right before I got inside. I’m trying not to hyperventilate.

You haven’t lived til you’ve been fighting the G-forces on a Florida racetrack with your life in the hands of Newcastle’s biggest megastar.

So to celebrate, my top ten memories in rock (that I’m prepared to print, anyway)….. click post to read!

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“Feminism, plastic surgery” – Rock Icon and the Times “exclusive” (Sky Arts, 8pm, this Sat)

last week I gave an interview to the Times set up by Sky Arts to talk about Rock Icon, our show with Brian Johnson of AC/DC out this Saturday at 8pm. I remember telling the PR that I wasn’t sure it was a great choice. The show explores heavy metal, our passion for it, why critics sneer at it and fans love it. Are heavy metal heads great readers of the Times? It’s not that known for a love of the dark stuff. More popular papers like the Sun, Mail, Express etc might be better. Plus, they’re behind a paywall.

But she was adamant and she’d agreed to an exclusive, saying they would concentrate on the show and touch on other stuff. So I went along with it.

We talked about the show – not as much as I would have wished – and moved on to questions about me. When this got a bit much I tried to steer it back to heavy metal and got something of an eye-roll. He asked about the plastic surgery row and I answered.

Today, the Times 2 tweeted this:

“Louise Mensch on feminism, plastic surgery and why she really moved to New York. Exclusive interview in tomorrow’s T2.”

You will note the glaring absence of the words “heavy” and “metal” there. Or of Brian Johnson, or of AC/DC.

The British press loves to accuse me of being publicity-seeking. This a prime example of the hypocrisy; I agree to an interview about a topic (metal) and another person (Brian Johnson) and the wonderful documentary we shot and it is printed as another navel-gazing pile of bollocks concentrating on my beauty treatments. Not by my wish.

There’s a basic trust that interview terms will be agreed to, especially if somebody (not me) has arranged and agreed an exclusive. They clearly ripped that up. So, social media allows me to at the very least print every single thing I told that journalist that could be of interest and to do it this afternoon/tonight.

And in case anyone thinks I’m being harsh, I had him on the phone just now “fact-checking” something and he confirmed the breaking of the interview terms – “I was told to profile you. We mention the documentary.”

Janice Turner of the Times (who has had many well-publicised run-ins with me) tweeted that I was being “spiteful” in writing this blog post. Really?

Well, I’ll tell you one thing; it makes a pleasant change for me to hear the press crying that they’ve been treated unfairly.

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Peter and me this summer at Coachella, headlined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, whom he co-manages. It was a pretty awesome backstage, with visitors including legendary producer Rick Rubin and former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, whose son Patrick is a fan.

As you will note, I am wearing a white body from TopShop with a picture of a black tiger on it. I also wore a pair of shorts and FitFlops.

There’s something about rock and roll, and heat, and rock and roll combined with heat, that makes you think you can get away with anything. I kept that TopShop body in my drawer for years after buying it going “What are you thinking? You are 39. You cannot wear a body with a tiger on it.”

But I did wear it and I looked great in it.

Elsewhere I’ve blogged that exercise is the fountain of youth. Well, I want to add rock to that. It keeps you young, and fit, and connected with the purest part of yourself, the animal pleasure in both music and belonging to a rebel tribe. So we wear black leather and studs and tiger bodies.

On stage, Flea and Anthony Kiedis were bouncing around with quite extraordinary athletic ability in front of the sea of worshipping fans that stretched out as far as the eye could see. Peter lifts. Brian Johnson from AC/DC, and his wife Brenda, who looks 25 years younger than she is, work out fanatically too. They showed me their gym. He works, he drives, he races cars faster than speeding bloody bullets, he pumps iron and he can still sing his guts out in any gig or world tour. AC/DC’s Black Ice tour grossed almost a half a BILLION dollars. $441 million dollars. US, that is, not Australian. 

The fitter you are the harder you can rock. Hey, listen, Axl Rose used to be sexy. Not so much any more. And his stagecraft is as bloated as his chin. Come to think of it, all the musicians I know work out like the devil. You ever seen Rob Trujillo from Metallica, who I toured with as a 22 year old back when he was in Suicidal Tendencies? The dude is cut. 

I think fitness and rock go together these days because both bespeak a huge zest for life. Knocking you out with those American thighs…

Rock Icon: AC/DC’s Brian Johnson – Sky Arts, Saturday, 8pm.

from AC/DC to the Black Keys

from AC/DC to the Black Keys

At 26, my husband Peter scouted AC/DC for management. His first record with the band was “Highway to Hell.” He identified Bon Scott’s body in the morgue when he was found dead in his car, and he was there when Brian Johnson joined the band and took them to a wholly new level with “Back in Black.”

Sadly they fired him right after that. But as AC/DC went on to global superstardom, Peter and his partner Cliff thrived as managers. His firm Q Prime now manages, amongst others, the Black Keys.

It meant a lot to me to wear this t-shirt as we filmed this documentary. As a huge rock fan I’m incredibly proud of my husband. “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n’ roll” – except if you’re Peter Mensch, in which case it’s a bloody short way to the top and he’s never come down off the heights.

Before this documentary, Peter and Brian hadn’t spoken in over twenty years. Nervous? You bet I was.

Tune in to find out what happened on Sky Arts, this Saturday, 8pm.

Rock Icon

Here’s another shot taken during the filming of Brian Johnson – Rock Icon. The documentary is a real passion project about one of my heroes, and I had insane amounts of fun shooting it.

Before I was a politician, before I was an author, I was a rock chick. I loved Heavy Metal and Har d Rock – the genre the critics sneered at but the masses embraced.

Newcastle’s finest, Brian Johnson, legendary frontman of AC/DC, and I, explored his mega-career and the appeal of the music – that still sells out stadiums today. The show will broadcast on June 1st, Sky Arts, at 8pm. Tune in!

BJ LM car